Poems and Prose by Hristo Botev
Hristo Botev was a Bulgarian poet and national revolutionary.
poem, prose, drama
5 $
Poems - Nikola Vaptsarov
Nikola Vaptsarov was a Bulgarian poet, communist and revolutionary.
15 $
The Peach Thief
A wife of a Bulgarian Army officer falls in love with a Serbian prisoner at the end of World war I.
historical, drama
10 $
Bai Ganyo: Incredible Tales of a Modern Bulgarian
A comic classic of world literature, Aleko Konstantinov’s 1895 novel Bai Ganyo follows the misadventures of rose-oil salesman Ganyo Balkanski as he travels in Europe.
historical, comedy
12 $
Damned Souls
Also translated as "Doomed Souls," this is a tragic tale of a dissolute young Englishwoman's passionate obsession with a fanatical and reactionary Jesuit monk set in Spain during the civil war. Written by Bulgarian dramatist, novelist, and veterinary surgeon Dimitar Dimov.
25 $
WILD TALES by Nikolaj Hajtov
Selected stories by Nikolaj Hajtov
historical, drama
10 $
Epic of the Forgotten
Epic of the Forgotten is a Bulgarian poetic saga written by Ivan Vazov to commemorate the Bulgarian fight for freedom against the Ottoman Empire and to criticize the moral decline of the Bulgarian nation after the Liberation, in comparison to the heroic figures and events of the then recent past.
historical, drama
17 $
Bulgaria: Cradle of the european civilisation
by Plamen Pavlov, this book shows the main, clearly distinguished features of Bulgarian identity and cultural and historical heritage
30 $
Lord of the Rings
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The Hobbit
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10 $
The Lost Symbol
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Under the Yoke: Pod igoto (Bulgarian Edition)
Under the Yoke is a novel by Ivan Vazov written in 1888.
historical, drama
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